What are the things you wish you were giftedly good at? One of mine is writing poetry. I love reading poetry. I always have a volume or two by my bed, and I even have this seriously cool poetry app on my phone. But I don’t really ever write it, except in classrooms with kids. It’s intimidating and hard and my attempts always feel clunky and wrong. I’ve spent a lot of time reading others’ posts in this challenge, and there’s been a lot of talk about risk-taking. So, I thought I’d see what I’d learn by taking a risk here… a poem about my favorite color.


Not quite yellow,
not quite red,
you make for us
a playful detour
with your bright cones.

It’s true
that you
are California poppies
waving by the side of the road,
and childhood memories
traipsing past
glowing, jagged-toothed grins.

you also require
more serious consideration.

A monarch butterfly
alights on milk thistle leaf,

A lone Bengal tiger
hunts in the woods,

The sun
sinks into the evening horizon,
a hymn of breathless wonder,
calling us
to revel
in holiness.