My day’s requirements:

1 Salad for lunch (Chinese chicken); handful of nuts; yogurt; cup of oatmeal (Starbucks)

1.5 Glasses of wine 🙂

2 Cubes of St. Andre cheese (snack before dinner); Italian sausages (lovingly prepared with peppers for dinner by my husband)

3 Professional books browsed planning my next read. (Think I’m going with The Next Step in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson.)

4 Kids left my office giggling after playing “fun reading games”; pieces of chocolate eaten

5 Unofficial Start. (My husband (not my baby) woke me by getting out of bed. He has morning insomnia (which I cannot fathom), and many mornings he chooses to get up rather than fight it.)

7 Official Start (Threw on jeans and a sweater, twisted my hair up, dabbed a bit of make-up on my dark circles, and hustled to the living room to feed the babe.)

8 Minutes spent videotaping an interview with a first grader about her nonfiction reading to use in a workshop next week.

16 Texts exchanged with my mom about The Boy’s outfit for Easter.

20 ounces of coffee (half decaf, splash of half and half)

65 ounces of water (bare minimum for a nursing mom)

593 Minutes (approximately) until I do it all again