What’s useful, cute, and highly entertaining* for babies? (*I would add the descriptor “easy-to-make”, except I’m such a beginning sewer, that nothing’s ever as “easy” as it seems! 😉 )

A Travel Toy Blanket!!


  • Fun ribbon tags for thumbing, inspecting, and gnawing (I found some snakeskin and braid trim remnants at the fabric store for extra fun texture…)
  • Velcro loops to hold toys onto blanket (so they won’t get lost on the airplane floor, yay!)
  • Large pockets to hold books (We looooove our books, and couldn’t leave home without ‘em!)
  • We used this cute NYC fabric. I had a few different fabrics picked out, and when I asked hubs what he thought, he said, “Go with the NYC. It’ll be a family heirloom…” I love him. 🙂

A making small moment:

Husband: Hon, how’s it going in there?
Me: (Sighs.) Good.
H: How much longer till you think you’re done?
M: (Pauses.) Ummm… 30 more minutes?

Forty-five minutes later.

H: Sweetie, how’s it going in there?
Me: (Sighs.) Good.
H: How much longer do you think?
M: (Optimistically.) Maybe 30 more minutes?

Here’s a link to the instructions if anyone else feels optimistic and wants to try it!! (It really was fun. Even if it took me 4 times longer to make than I thought it would…)

Oh, and we’re headed to Memphis and Nashville for a family wedding, so if anyone has any fun eating/sightseeing tips, let me know! 😉