There is a picture I wanted to post today.  I took it on my phone a couple of weeks ago, and it definitely captures the way I am feeling today… About my writing, about this challenge, about my family, about the future.

Alas, my phone is nowhere to be found.  It is somewhere in this apartment.  I sometimes hide it from my toddler son, because I don’t like to fight with him, to constantly nag, telling him “No-no-no.”  Apparently this time I hid it too well.  Ten minutes of solid searching by both myself and my husband (who is, I should add, a remarkably expert searcher) were fruitless.


I’ll find it… but it might not be until tomorrow.


So for tonight, I’ll try using words to say that my feelings are this:

A stretch of brown earth,
dried weeds scattered.

A shock of green
shoots triumphantly
through the tedium.

A small handful
of delicate
purple petals—
are not closed.

Merely patient,
gladly content,
awaiting nature’s perfect timing.


Thank you to Stacey, Ruth, and the wonderful community at Two Writing Teachers who made this year’s March blogging challenge so powerful.  I came very, very close to my “goal” of posting 75% of the days in March (I really ended up closer to 70%).  Most importantly, I wrote, read, discovered, gasped, laughed and even cried a little bit.  I lived much bigger this month because I wrote–and I’m grateful for every minute.