First things first: wasn’t I having a baby or something?
Yes! Our daughter was born 6 and a half weeks ago and has been flourishing like gangbusters. (Which is to say that she is now officially a little chubster with the most edible cheeks imaginable and what some call a “lusty” cry—which is what I call a cry specifically and inconceivably designed to bring the neighbors, the cops, and Child Protective Services ASAP.)

LJ pic

So am I going to get back to writing on this blog now?
Um…. My very optimistic goal was to take 6 weeks off and then try to get back on the horse. While I’ve been collecting lots and lots of ideas for posts over the last few weeks, I haven’t had the sustained free time (imagine!) that I’d love to have to work on my writing, so thought I might not get anything up this summer.

BUT then I read about this awesome monthlong Build a Better Blog series over at yeahwrite. I really, really wanted to sign up! But I really, really shouldn’t be committing myself to any monthlong challenges beyond the one to which I’ve already committed, namely:

Survive the hottest month of the year in sweltering NYC with a 22 month-old and a newborn without breaking down crying every single day. (I’m doing super-good on this one so far but it’s only the second day of July, so… stay tuned.)

Then I snuck over to yeahwrite today and the prompts just sounded so luscious and tempting, so… I’m not participating in the challenge! I swear! This could be my very last post for the summer, who knows? But it got my fingers tapping, and kids are miraculously simultaneously sleeping, so here goes my stab at the challenge:  Create an elevator pitch for your blog that describes your blog when people ask you about it–politely and without caring that much–at a cocktail party…

Last year I made business cards to take to the BlogHer conference in New York City. The design I chose had a big speech bubble on the top, and those speech bubbles begged me for words that would somehow describe my blog. So I picked three big words that I felt covered the main topics of my blog: Reflect, Joy, and Stretch.

This challenge asks me to take those three words and try to spin them into something with more meat. Maybe something like:

It’s a blog about coming home to myself through reflection, stretching and celebration.


It’s a record of how I celebrate, reflect, and stretch myself into the spiritual space I call home.

Blech. Not specific enough. Not very catchy. How about:

It’s a blog about the everyday, ordinary human joy and everyday, ordinary human suffering, and the way these can be catalysts that stretch us to “come home” to our most vibrant selves and to live our most intentional lives.

Too lofty and highminded? How about:

This blog is a take on how one literacy specialist wife-of-one and mom-of-two stretches herself to take ordinary joy, suffering, and everything in between to generate one extraordinary life.

Can I say that with a straight face to someone who asks about my blog at a barbecue?? Maybe I’ll try it out this weekend… ☺

(Note: Elevator pitch a work-in-progress. ALL feedback welcome.)