It’s March.  And anyone who’s read this blog for awhile knows that means time for the Slice of Life Challenge hosted on Two Writing Teachers.  The challenge is basically write and post every day for a month.  I’ve had the pleasure of participating for the past two years.  And I was most definitely NOT going to participate this year.

I have a pretty solid excuse:  My life is nutty and unpredictable. It takes nearly all the energy I have each day to make sure my charming two and a half year old doesn’t completely destroy the house, prevent the curious nine month old from choking on the debris he leaves behind, plan-shop-make breakfastlunchdinner, do laundry (oh, laundry!), try desperately to unpack those last 10 boxes, and, as of last month, I’ve begun working with a friend on launching a literacy consulting start-up.  I feel busy and tired and behind-the-eight-ball most minutes of most days.  So, no.  I don’t have time for writing every day.

But… then I sat down to write out a few goals for the year. (Yes, if you must know it was February 18th, but pretty much everything in my life is running about 6 weeks behind!)  I was messing around with making a goal in every area of my life.  You know, health, family, work… and then I got to spiritual.  And I was a little stumped.

I sat at the dining room table, fingers hovering over my laptop.  No deep down spiritual goal was jumping out at me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m definitely NOT skipping through life in a blissful trance.   In fact, if you must know, it’s kinda been the opposite.  I’m so spiritually dehydrated that I couldn’t even come up with a solution that felt relevant or doable.

Daily meditation?  Ain’t happenin’ in this house where we close our eyes and cross our fingers each night that the capricious sleeping patterns of our 9 month old will allow us precious sleep.

Yoga?  Don’t get me started on finding a class in a new city that’s the right fit—not too weirdy new-agey, not too maniacally contortionistic…  (I also don’t want to chant anything I don’t understand or try to see out of an invisible third eye, thank you very much.)

The longer I sat and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that writing is an important way that I connect to and nurture my spirit. It’s the way I locate my truest self.  It’s where I uncover my fears, my longings, my sadness and my joys.

I haven’t been writing at all in four months.  And my spirit is suffering.

So, here I am.  I’m not planning on going crazy all-out every day this month.  I’ll settle for posting most days.  But what I’ll be most happy about is getting back to picking up the pieces of my life again, holding them close to my ear and close to my heart, and accepting and celebrating whatever comes.

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