One of the best things about having a blog is being able to record stuff that happens to you in real time…  Lessons you learn, things you don’t want to forget.  You can make a trail for yourself of vows and resolutions and then flagellate yourself publicly use your blog to hold yourself accountable.  I learned and re-learned a few important life lessons today I’d like to hold onto.  And I’ll share them with you, too… (Lucky you!)

  1. From now on, I will try very, very hard to remember that it’s the getting started that is the hardest part.  And if one just digs in and starts—say, attacking the pile of books that have been sitting on one’s desk for the last three months—most things don’t take as long as they are made out to be.  From now on, I will just start doing the tasks that intimidate me, and see how far I can get.
  2. I will not try to take meat from a rotisserie chicken using a fork and knife ever. Again.  Maybe I just stink at it, but for me it’s an exercise in pure frustration.  From now on, I will use kitchen shears to break up the chicken.  Snip snip.  Easy peasy.  Then I will use my fingers to rip all of the meat off of the bone.  I feel like this is the way it was always meant to be done.  (And also it’s way funner to pull your meat apart like you’re five years old again!)
  3. I will make this salad.  Frequently.  Yes, it requires one to buy a small jar of poppyseeds that costs $6 at Zabar’s and way more sunflower seeds than one may ever actually eat.  But I have them now.  So from now on, I will make this salad as often as I can.  Because it’s delicious and probably healthier than eating cassoulet for the third night in a row…

Kneaders Turkey Cranberry and Sunflower Salad